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Tenants Fees

When securing a property with BPS the following monies are due;

  • Retainer/Holding fee: Once Tenancy details are finalised each tenant must pay £120 each to hold a property and to remove it from the market for 7 days. This "holding fee" is then subtracted from your balance monies due on account at your next appointment:-
  • Admin Fee (£120 - note: there are no further admin fees for any consecutive tenancies). * Companies pay an admin fee of £600 per property
  • Security Deposit (equal to 1 months' rent or 2 months' rent if you do not have a UK based guarantor)
  • 1 Months' Rent (payable monthly before the tenancy starts)
*Monies paid are non-refundable should you decide not to take the property held!

Admin fees

Unlike a lot of agenices, Britannia only charge a one off administration fee of £120. This fee is to contribute towards the reasonable costs of administration required to get your tenancy started off smoothly. There are no separate fees for inventories, check-in fees or checkout fees or referencing fees. Furthermore there are no fees for renewals or consecutive tenancies.

Credit/ Debit card fees

Britannia may charge you 3% for the use of credit card and 50p per transaction for the usage of debit card.

(other costs may apply, please refer to the specimen tenancy agreement)