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Thousands of residential residents believe that houses are better than halls, quite simply because a house is more than a house……… it's a home away from home. A true university experience must include living in a student home with friends and we maintain that Houses are better than Halls for the following reasons:


  • Homes provide much larger bedrooms with double beds vs. Halls provide smaller box-spaced rooms with predominantly single beds
  • Homes are larger and more spacious vs. Halls give you insufficiently small communal areas
  • Homes are much cheaper to rent vs. Halls are more expensive (double bedrooms in Halls can range between £110 - £150/per week!)
  • Homes come with gardens for parties and BBQ's (you just don't get this with Halls!)
  • Homes save energy costs by sharing the bills between the tenants vs. Halls can charge a high amount for bills
  • Homes are yours for 12 months vs. Halls predominantly offer 9 months


  • Living in the heart of the student village is a crucial part of the student experience
  • Homes give you choice with 1-12 bedroom options vs. Halls mainly restricted to 4-5 bedroom options
  • Homes can be much closer to Uni than Halls
  • Homes have a close Proximity to shops, trains, buses etc


  • Freedom of your own Home vs. frequent inspections in Halls
  • House parties accepted in Homes vs. House parties equals noise complaints in Halls
  • Homes come with their own washing machines, meaning you save time AND money avoiding the Halls launderette
  • Homes allow monthly rental payments vs. Halls who demand rent upfront and termly


With a BPS Home you can get:
  • Property character: Victorian period homes, modern town houses and apartments all over the city
  • Interior designing throughout
  • Comfy/homely sofas
  • Plasma Flatscreen TV
  • Jacuzzi baths and power showers
  • Multiple bathrooms

And furthermore:
  • Suggestions from residents are always appreciated to tailor-make homes to their satisfaction
  • Halls can be noisy due to the large saturation of people in a condensed area- Homes give you more peace and quiet

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